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Gary Null Show 

I came to Sandy with severe arthritis, especially in my knees. I was finding it more and more difficult to walk. With Sandy's program I am now almost completely pain free after 5 months. I no longer need a cane to walk with. I cook for my grandchildren without any pain in my hands. Sandy is very knowledgeable and patient. At my age I have managed to make fine improvements in my health.

Thelma W., 72

I just started my training to work as a NYC police officer. I had noticed that a lot of people in my line of work end up getting so caught up in their work and let go of taking care of themselves and end up overweight and unhealthy. I knew that I didn't want to end up that way. So I started working with Sandy to help build a solid foundation of wellbeing for myself. In the short time I worked with her I gained so much knowledge and learned how to easily apply everything into my life in a sustainable way. I have so much more energy now, I have lost the little bit of extra body fat I had and I sleep much better.

Michael C., 28

For nearly 2 years I went from doctor to doctor trying to keep my fibromyalgia under control. I was suffering from pain throughout my body and debilitating fatigue  I finally decided to try some alternative healing methods and started Sandy's program. She helped me change my diet, chose supplements for me to take, put me on a detox program and slowly started me on exercises. Throughout it all Sandy was so warm, friendly and compassionate. After 3 months without any medication I was almost completely pain free. My energy levels were back to normal and my weight was on it's way down. I started working again as an elementary school teacher and spending much more quality time with my energetic 9 year old son and with my husband.

Heather G., 43

When I started working with Sandy pretty much everything I ate was bothering me.  I would get bloated and had cramps.  Sometimes I would get heart burn or would feel nauseous. There was not one meal I was able to fully enjoy without having to pay the price for it afterwards.  Sandy helped me heal, over a few months I gradually felt better and better!  I can enjoy eating now without discomfort and I have much more energy than I remember having in a long time.  

Keith P., 56

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